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My Story

A decade of re-emerging into the 'invisible' realms began almost immediately upon completing my Economics degree with the study of astrology...


It was clear even then that understanding the differences between beings and taking account of cosmic influences provided a key to achieving changes in this world that had been more than a little overlooked by the mainstream.

My route into energy work arrived, as it does for so many, to address the many physical symptoms amassed in my young life. Though I studied a number of techniques and was subjected to all kinds of alternative practitioners... there was one method that, for me, shifted my perspective on the body and healing entirely.

Facial Reflexology initiated me into self healing and guiding others to do the same. If you've heard of it that might have something to do with the many hundreds of practitioners that studied with me as early English speaking adopters.


For the next 7 years I experienced: no more health concerns, a booming business (the online course + six figure set up so many are striving for) and, ample time to pursue the questions I have always loved to pursue: the origin of life on Earth, our purpose as humans, how we can live in greater harmony with one another and with Nature?

Friends and family know me as a seasoned investigator of all things occult and inner-development - from philosophy and psychology to ancient medicines, somatic therapies, psycho-organic function, manifestation, intuition practices, inner child work, astrology, human design, tarot and so much more - behind closed doors I’ve spent thousands of hours consulting with people and experimenting to extract the essence of countless disciplines.

2018, quite unexpectedly blasted me through a threshold that I had sensed before me for some time. I took a 4 day training that changed everything and called forth answers that for so long had seemed beyond reach. Prior to that point I had avoided words like "Spiritual" and "God" but from then on no others words would suffice.

Just as easily as I would dive into my mobile phone to retrieve information, I learned to do the same within myself. I was hooked up to my guides and my heaven. And I left everything to proceed as rapidly as I could down that path...

My Work

I've had the privilege to have receive several trainings in the Tradition of the Fire and now provide cutting-edge energy healing sessions and specialised guidance to success in business by being You.

My repertoire of tools extends from energetic (the real) Feng Shui and my Core Competence work "Blossom of Bliss" to 5 elements readings, organ scanning and auric adjustments as well as emotional chain dissolution, soul trauma release and numerous other accesses to meet you where you're at. Mostly available online or in person at my Lightpod in SW Portugal.

Come to me with any life topic or "blockage". I will support you in your steps to deeper perception, more power, stronger trust, liberated love, genuine happiness - AKA healing.

Bring radical honesty and commitment to transform - and leave your expectations at the door.

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I know what you are looking for.

It satisfies more than all other treasures.

May you be liberated, kindled at the core, fully ignited!​

I help people feel themselves, heal themselves,
enhance their light, reclaim their shadow.


Accesses and Trainings

It's been a great blessing to receive trainings from devoted and genuine leaders in the fields of Holistic Healing and Spiritual Education.

The Big Ones

DCZ® A method for health and empowerment

Path into Light Energy work and chakra contact

ACC Consultant Reading from Natural Law

Feng Shui Aligning qi in houses and lanscapes

Spiritual Teacher Unity with the Divine Mother