We all have created structures in our energy systems to "lead us to" bliss.


The only trouble is for the last several thousand years there was barely a hint of bliss within reach on this planet meaning most of us have developed "skewed" bliss structures which are determining our behaviour and actually lead us somewhere else (eg towards approval, belonging, material safety, codependence).


This is not just conditioning from this life - this level is influenced by soul memories and patterns of trauma or unresolved insecurities and unhealed pain.

Time to dissolve and revamp! We follow three steps to clear what is ready to leave now and take the essence of your genius and your gifts to construct new structures that support you at the light - karmic - emotional - thought - even physical levels to explore real, deep, true bliss which more and more regains rulership for all.

This all happens in a 1:1 session and can be applied for any topic either to invite more success in business, bring insight on your health journey, when home or partner searching or to support a blast into the your level.


Consider this work an investment in your essential infrastructure.

Each session is a single step.

This makes a great annual check-in.