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When you are ready to have reflected
What it is you don’t see yet


Know that spiritual consultation is not about anyone knowing better than you

It’s about the loving flow of service to deliver you to your blindspots

To hint at next best steps

To reveal what is happening underneath the layers we all are liable to get trapped in

Beneath the story, the emotion, the thinking…

Consultation holds you there

Feel Yourself

Receive the guidance of someone you entrust to show you what you’ve been missing so far

Not necessarily for every week - but a reliable source you can come to when you are stuck or when a question doesn’t receive its answer despite varied attempts.

A source that provides so generously that it may take many weeks - months - even several years to fully integrate.

“I don’t know everything”

Is the admission that makes it possible.

“I am ready to receive support and I elect it for myself”

Is the healthy action that brings you to me.

Come with any life topic - the only specific is that you should be seeking Truth rather than comfort or consolation (which are common but not guaranteed).


Read more and apply for 1:1 work via the current menu.
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