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Clear yourself of false authority: expand into fulfilment, healing and happiness.


Connecting all levels within You

Amala has led trainings for hundreds of students around the world online and in person for the last 7 years. Her way of teaching is practical, fun and always connected to the deepest core of Truth.


Touch the Earth

Mirror Medicine Masterclass

Reclaim authority and autonomy over your body.

Amala shares her bodywork know-how and key insights from a decade of study and application. This course covers: Reflex maps, Traditional Chinese Medicine principles, body-interconnections, the power of touch, the mechanisms of healing, the meaning of symptoms and the flow between matter and light. Coming soon...

Plug into the Sky

The Path into Light

A homecoming for Yourself.

A one-of-a-kind seminar to clean up, develop and trust your perceptive abilities.


Receive guidance from spirit, learn how to affect your life from the core of your being and remember why you are here to decipher the next best steps.

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