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Places hold memories.


 These come from previous and current patterns of behaviour, stories and events.

Our spaces feed us as we feed them, sometimes for the better and sometimes - when Qi (the universal energy) is obstructed - less so.

Most people can recall a time that they noticed, even in a very beautiful place, that the vibe was simply "off". But the obvious examples are not always the most important.

There are signifiant potentials to be unlocked when we are attentive to the energy closer to home. Ask yourself:

Where on your property do you feel good?

Where, regardless of the physical aspects, do you feel less good?

Do you live in a sanctuary... or a fortress?

Is your office inspiring or keeping you stagnant?

Most places and most people can benefit greatly from a Feng Shui treatment.

Do yourself a favour and support your space to support you.

Download Amala's e-book to learn more about her approach.

Send us an email to propose your project at home, in the workspace or for a landscape.

2019-11-30 08.11.42.jpg
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