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Amidst the swarming fields of social media, self development, wellness methodologies and manifestation techniques….


You can feel a call inside that asks you for a different approach...

It's Nature and Your own gifts that beckon.

Here, you are supported to unpack and implement your creation uninhibited by outside doctrine or inherited rigidities.


For those asking how to mange their Self / business / healing abilities
in an increasingly authentic and grounded way...

These times force us to navigate an ever changing outer landscape whilst simultaneously processing colossal collective shifts which together produce unprecedented spikes in overwhelm, confusion and exhaustion.

Although we are inundated with suggested strategies, trending methodologies and glittering promises from every angle...

Some feel the emptiness in guidance that, although currently popular, instructs us to operate structures which meanwhile are crumbling.

Coaches, healers, seers, therapists and guides committed to lead and support their communities from their core...


If you’ve been longing for another way - far from mainstream strategies:

To feed the fire of your soul’s vision

To gestate your seeds of Creation

To nurture your outer path to harvest in this lifetime...

The Mirror Medicine Masterclass offers a tailored journey to support your connection to your Nature, the Natural rhythm and cosmic cycles that ask for aligned rather than imposed personal will.

Focus on Your World

Join us for support retrieving insights and reflections from the Body and aura to breed deeper:

- conscious connection to Your highly individual Being

- sense of the beauty and mechanics of creation through Your eyes

- clarity about Your unique steps for this dance on Earth

Mirror Medicine Masterclass.png

You came to deliver what only You can deliver...

Be guided to what's already Yours.


This group consultation programme features weekly lives and individual attention. What's Yours to activate, receive, DO here and now? We will greet the body, gather reflections and create conditions which support you to fufil the potentials witnessed.

Reconnect with Your own knowledge

If you're already informed about embodiment, nervous system work, somatic practices and or the chakra and auric system... here you will discover a more Natural and intuitive way to explore and confidently engage deeply and seamlessly with it all.

For those experiencing ongoing physical issues, numbness, confusion, burnout, overwhelm or a general lack of balance who are ready to approach Life from a new level of awareness: this programme likely holds important keys... 

Develop Authentic Leadership

This 8 week capsule is designed to support your grounding in the magic of Life by embracing the reflections offered of and to you in every direction, especially through the simplifying guidance of your body.

Healers, coaches, therapists and guides are invited to LIBERATE from homogenised systems and wounded patterns of behaviour to honour their abilities, tend to their duties and recognise their gifts more clearly.


Join this masterclass to safely and effectively initiate yourself into more strength, clarity and stability to navigate the months and years ahead.

Your Guide


Amala sees no better way to invest One's attention these days than in aligning to the Natural flow Life intends for you. 

She is a reader of Natural Law and understands the growing disillusion with mainstream wellness and business prospects very well.


She wants more people to know that there is another way! And nobody is doing it yet... because Your way is unrepeatable.

Fully qualified with over 10 years of experience as a body worker (specialised in Facial and Body Reflex Maps) and Energetic Consultant, she combines all of her experience with a passion for the simplicity of the 5 elements wheel of creation to support multiple, daily, building shifts that promote groundedness in the magic of Life and confidence in one's freedom and power to co-create with Life more gracefully.


 Launching January 26th 

8 weeks to Align




Developing your connection to your own soul knowledge


Naturally experiencing and aligning with the 5 elements



Creational laws, directing attention and developing presence


De-mystifying manifestation without homogenised explanation

NB: this course is alive and co-created. Nothing is set in stone.



Live attendance is optimal though all sessions are available as recordings. Pre-recorded video and audio will be added to the course intermittently to meet the needs of the group. The suggested weekly commitment is 2-3 hours.



Class begins on Friday 26th January 2024. Live calls take place once per week over (until 15th March 2024) at 3pm Lisbon/UK time and last up to 2 hours including breaks.


Participants will enjoy access to the training materials and discussion board with colleagues for the lifetime of the course.



The full fee for the training is €2200. All purchases are final. If you have any questions do not hesitate to email

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