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Mirror Medicine Readings

These virtual consultations are designed to support your perception of what's really happening beneath the surface of things and how to make a change where it's actually needed in your own life.

All pain, illness, mental/ emotional dis-ease and bothersome life experience contains information for us. Often, many messages are encoded into each single challenge we face.


Amala supports you to unlock the necessary keys to manage the most pressing disturbance or blockage in your life right now.

Typically one session can take several months to integrate. To request a series of sessions for support through a transition, speak with Amala during your call.

Your reading may include:
  • Body/aura scan and symptoms reading
  • Energetic analysis of a current personal or work  situation
  • Energetic/somatic adjustment
  • Real time reflection and perception shifts
  • Tools to work with independently
Meetings are hosted via zoom and last up to 60 minutes (returning clients may book a shorter session here). You'll receive an email to arrange your appointment once booking is complete.
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