CHAKRA ACCESS - discover yourself

"The chakras are like the meridians are like reflex zones are like just “another” way to experience yourself and move energy."

Mmmmm… I would say, it’s better not to categorise the chakras this way. Yes, the chakra system is one of many “frameworks” for managing alignment - addressing symptoms - unleashing blockages.

But they are, more than other accesses, creational centres and growth facilitators.

They are soul storage units that contain information about who you are and what you came for.

When people talk about working with “energy first” and then applying bodywork… there’s a misunderstanding.

(I like to make it clear because I had this oversight / misunderstanding before too.)

CHAKRA ACCESS :: is a workshop for all those of you that want to work with them but didn’t find a satisfying introduction yet.

It also makes a great preparation before coming to work with me 1:1 or in a group.

Purchase the recording here.