There is nothing more personal to you than the flow that wants to unravel in your world. Most of life’s dilemas come down to one of three subjects : work, love, home.

And most of life’s scenarios lead us to make compromises in the name of one over another, for another, because of another…

We involve ourselves in a myriad of ways….

>>> in codependence “you do this for me,

I’ll do that for you” creating both bindings and limitations

>>> in manipulation “I want you to behave this way so I’m going to tell you selected information”

>>> in reliance “I have to do this otherwise I will lose that”

These patterns are more than a little inherited and encouraged by the systems we were raised in… and they will carry you through life at least for now.

But FLOW asked me today to remind and make it clear >>> that the new times not only support but REQUIRE your decisions to come from You. Your heart. Your soul. And that it should be noted, these steps on a path don’t always make sense like the decisions based on the above.

Your flow wants to deliver your soul vision. It will bring you work that lights you up, lover levels you forgot you could hold a home life that supports your greatest unfolding.

It does not promise to be easy because it asks you to release limitations you yourself accepted long ago and barely even realise are in place.

Life flow wants to be governed by free will. Most of us are unconvinced (in practice) by the notion.

The starting point, if you feel your path is being directed by a stronger current, is to remember there is always a choice. And that only you are responsible for what choice you make…

Fresh energy and higher support mechanisms will meet you on the other side of your return to such inner trust and the chain reaction it ignites. 🔥