As we become more in touch with our non physical bodies we experience more of ourselves.

More and more we are unable to deny our emotional aspects - as one of the first bodies we encounter.

Emotions wants to move through us and generally only cause “trouble” - mental distress, physical symptoms or relational disturbances when we hold onto them instead.

Singular emotions carry clear messages for us and arise to provide information. But what is not widely understood is that because of such poor education and management of our emotionality we tend to experience ⛓ chains ⛓ of multiple connected emotions.

For example - we experience shame because we are told off - and because of a long riding pattern in our system (even if the experience in question that prompted this reaction is already passed) our shame is connected to fear and anger and blame…

Before we know it the “same old” pattern is playing out before us. We are trapped in emotional overdrive.

At the energy level we can release these chains and help the emotional body redistribute it’s parts back into natural order.

Emotional Chain Release >>> can’t recommend this treatment enough. It’s freed me of so much in the last months. Happy to provide this service in short or long consultations - book here.