There is only one energy source.

Ultimately all energy work engages with the same “substance” if we want to satisfy our minds with a sense of physicality. Chi / ki / prana … there are various names for the creative - sustaining - destructive flow of life that dwells in all things.

What varies? Those who work with energy and aid / restrict alignment come with differing:

1. Motivations - what wants to be achieved by directing and adjusting energy flow? Is it desire for credit / for a specific outcome / influence / heart drive / sovereignty or devotion?

2. Levels of access - not everyone has access or understanding of the same levels wherein energy can be altered. Some levels are protected and reserved for the initiated.

3. Mastery - recognition of what it’s possible to move now - and where to put things / how to direct them into “new” freed spaces. Are the natural flow and laws of energy respected and adhered to or they are overlooked / challenged?

Like all things the quality and therefore outcome of energy work varies.

Work in the invisible realms invites a lot of imagination and projection at the innocent end of the scale… and a lot of manipulation or control at the more malicious end, even if this is often not conscious.

We are all working with energy all the time because it is WHAT WE ARE. It is the reality beneath the maya.

Education that puts you in contact with what you are moving and how you perceive is invaluable preparation for the times we are entering.

Energy work that is well reputed and popular, although of course valid, may not always offer the most advanced or transformative interactions which are coming in FRESH on the daily, from heavenly spaces. 🔮👁🌬

One of the most valuable preparations for consultation with me is a basic chakra know how. These key locations within our aura hold so much information and potential for self knowledge = experience of being light. Sign up to view by subscribing on this site. ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🤍