Engage with your energy... many already know how to do this.

Engaging with chakras... by now this is a common practice.

But expand your light?

To a level you can hold it - densely - day by day... expand your love - not so that you can love EVERYTHING ALL THE TIME but so that everything that touches you can be received as your own love.

This is a path you’ll find fewer people travelling...

Free from spectacle.

It’s not about rose petals laid in perfect symmetry, or notes sung in perfect tune.

It’s not about morality or lifestyle choices.

It’s not about a one-off assisted high.

Its not a game of “resonates” or “triggers”.

No unwanted “downloads” or surprise channelled beings.

Freedom at the core.

This is the path to meet your Wholeness.

Remember and reconnect all of your parts.

As blissful as it may be challenging.

As pregnant with answers as it is with emptiness.

All of the psychic powers, none of the fluff.

It will demand your dedication.

It will make clear what is possible vs what is imagined.

You will shed all that is not supportive, including any New Age tools that were useful in the past.

You will know better than “open to receive” whatever comes... as you grow and direct and engage with governing laws.