A life of convenience will never satisfy in the way that a life devoted to Yourself will.

The latter will not be easy, though from where I’m standing, the first takes a lot more courage. Compromise and comfort counter the inevitable flow more and more.

To deliver what you came to deliver I can promise at some point you’ll have to depart the status quo. No way around it.

On our way to Unity we are stretched to our limits - maximum duality - a world in two - those who defend old ways - those who pioneer new ones.

Each step is a vote

Each decision leaves a mark

Which way is Yours?

Which friends are Yours?

Which place supports your contribution?

Where can you operate with an open and flowing heart?

Bubbling up for all of us now is the question : what to create?

Is there ever really an option? Not when the priority is to stick to the thread that connects you to your essence.

Then there is just Your way.

Only there is there peace.

Let the chips fall as they may.

🌊☄️🌪🐉🪡 🤍