Most of us know that…

We were classified and graded in our early years

And we devote ourselves to freeing our being from imposed ideas about who we should be… how we are perceived, possessed, motivated…

But there’s a trap: so many self development approaches actually place us into alternative boxes:

📦 “I’m an aries so I’m firey…”

📦“I’m a projector so I feel misunderstood…”

📦“My parent was a narcissist so I attract people who treat me like they did…”

We go around dipping our toes into all of these concepts about who we are or how come we are in the patterns we are in, why?

If we are on a productive track we do it to give ourselves permission to own what is already so inherent about us that we’ve spent our lives conditioned against embracing… to unleash our real selves!

So, great: we are collecting permission slips to be who we are. 🎟🎟🎟

But after a while? It’s another endless road of boxes… outside classifications. We are not applying our discernment. We are not going inwards to receive direction… we are fitting ourselves to (even a very complex) mould.

And are our hearts satisfied? You tell me…

I have another starting point for you: you are packaged up already in your own completely individual box 🎁. Or maybe Russian-doll-style many boxes… that aren’t really boxes but invisible storage units ☁️💝✨

You packed those boxes yourself and you made appointments that would help you remember to open them up.

It’s likely you didn’t anticipate the extent to which you would forget… and probably you will benefit from guidance on how exactly to get in there in the first place.

It’s time to start unboxing who You are.

Nobody else can tell you. And if they do, it’s just a story.

This way your personal development is much less a means of managing the pieces within your orbit - and instead about identifying your own essence and bringing it to daily life - letting it touch all other parts.

Here is the crux of what I offer in each and every consultation I give. But to obtain the necessary accesses and to learn of the accompanying layers… it may be the Path into Light I recommend for you! 🔥🌹💓