...that’s been visible and aching for over a year now.

It’s a deep sadness about our forgetting. Of who we are. For the grief and suffering we put ourselves through. For the conflict and the misunderstandings.

And meanwhile… right next door there’s a peace that has been neglected… a peace which remedies all such pain. There’s a peace in the knowing that love is the most powerful force and that only I am responsible for restricting the flow of love and peace in my field.

Our deepest pains reflect our deepest longings. And, despite what Instagram might imply, they cannot be danced away / shaken off / breathed or cried out.

We have to learn to meet ourselves at the deepest levels. Recognise that we are bliss-full already even if we are learning to bring bliss into our daily lives.

We have to train ourselves in real nourishment. Only then will we experience how substantial changes don’t have to be “hard” but flow with ease and grace.

Spiritual Teacher Training may be the most significant undertaking of my life so far. What an encounter with my own shadow, what an uplevel in every aspect, what a harsh realignment in all areas of my life. And what a year for this initiation!

Final block next month. And, as the process nears completion, so many new offerings are brewing to share with you soon.