Healing conditioned structures in the aura and physical body has become my speciality.

Our systems house “train tracks” of behaviours, thought patterns, values, recognitions, ideas, patterning from this life and beyond… which are interlinked and operating altogether to bring us in the direction of feeling good.

The only issue is that rarely is that achieved - our systems are so clogged with aspects that in effect restrict our true, deep, happiness in being. We are so full of externally planted “should’s” and “must’s” that it’s nearly impossible to operate freely in connection to our Divine selves.

Most significantly with those who consider themselves “positive” or “awake” people… with all things working out and rolling along… I’ve found that actually we can live with a layer of oblivion around our bodies that is so dense and so established that these bliss structures without a lot of preparation are not even accessible.

So many are living with a self installed rigidity in their system that denies even glimmers of real, vital, liveliness.

The pain of our own oblivion is so momentous. And we are so numb.

When an explanation is requested all I can say is “who are You?”

What are you? Why are you here?

No longer can we avoid this beating drum.

There is not enough time to explain. There is only an invitation to follow your heart. Feel yourself. In the body and in the subtle layers. Follow the steps are they appear to you… make your way home.

The times ahead threaten to be unforgiving for those who are stuck in illusory worlds. Nature can be wicked just as she can be a retreat of peace and comfort.

For now in rainbow coloured glory and with a soft patient whisper I hear her call… “remember, beautiful being, remember…”