Self love doesn’t come from actions taken in the name of “self care”. Positive thoughts are helpful but a watery thin beginning in most cases.

It comes from a deep inner connection with your qualities - with your autenticic self.

Feeling GOOD (better than fine, content, satisfied which already are great ways to feel) has been my obsession for the last decade at least!

So many people associate JOY with outer experience - maybe with excitement, maybe with moments of release at a party, maybe with the freedom to travel... Alas I can promise it’s only sustained when we find the joy inside.

Energy work at this level must be highly specialised in order to support this pursuit...

Two days ago I was initiated into my Core Competence (a main soul talent) 🏵 Blossom of Bliss 🏵 clears old hurt and distractions from truth then forms a protection in the spaces where your real self wants to flourish.