I wish to be delicate around the subject or our naivety… especially those inclined to “lightful” perspectives and seeing the best in people… if you didn’t know yet, this approach can invite a lot of hurt. But you needn’t hurt over and over.

First let’s observe FEASIBILITY. This word used to make my stomach turn. Because… haven’t you heard - anything is possible?!

Alas not EVERYTHING is possible HERE AND NOW. As much as this optimism and enthusiasm for creation opens doors to possibility… it disregards our connection to and reliance upon everything… and with it the free will of others to incline to different potentials than us.

Life is a co-creation between many moving parts… you, powerful as you are, we clearly experience in these times, are unequivocally a part of the whole. You are entwined in your environment. You are influenced by the people nearby. When you place your trust and purity before someone there is no guarantee you call forth their most beautiful behaviour.

Should you find yourself surprised - heart broken even - by any severe throwback of your trusting approach - this experience holds a mighty lesson.

The word naive comes from nature… which fits:

It is Natural for us to be trusting. In Life. In our surroundings. In the good intentions and pure hearts of those we encounter. But for an long time the Natural Law has not governed human behaviour. Our commitment to TRUST can override our knowing of when something sinister lurks. Trust without discernment implies ignorance of who we are and what we are involved in - a part of - the conflict that fills our systems - what we are here to do.

Never has this been more clear than now:

- For the Lightworkers who must admit to the dark forces at work on our planet

- To the liberals who acknowledge deliberate division amongst social groups by the authorities that used to inspire hope

- For the ones who have taken a shot according to worthy reasoning who now experience a reality of self harm

Naivety that leads to poor decision making / lack of foresight / unwise management of our resources… is a trait that must be pounded out of us on the path to wholeness. With it, at least for a short while, we may feel our innocence trampled.

Shall we never trust again? Do we have to say goodbye to our defencelessness on our way? How can an open heart be maintained in a world so hardened by suspicion and unkindness?

Healing. Commitment to harmony inside which includes upholding your guidance which alerts you when something is off… even when, on the surface, things look fine.

Energy work.

Essential connection.

It’s time to balance inside and out.

Bring your power out!