Decisiveness is a quality upheld by the system we were raised in… a lot of direction around intuition has to do with decision making… but is this the be all and end all of following your inner guidance?

I recognise a pot hole that many are falling into. To make good decisions / to receive guidance (also a prerequisite to provide guidance) we have to be clear in our energy bodies. Emotions are not defined to guide us, neither is our mind chatter and yet both of these can contribute to an “intuitive feeling” if we forget that our inner alignment determines the quality of our decisiveness.

How is your heart? Some cultures greet one another with this line. The decisiveness of the heart is clear but can you connect to it? Most intuitive souls I’ve met recently are struggling.

A clear connection to our heart’s guidance requires clean emotionality, a quiet mind and an understanding that our resistances do not necessarily indicate a poor choice.

The ability to make decisions in a timely fashion is less significant than our ability to FEEL what we are feeling. Moreover to identify if we have achieved CLARITY in our feeling takes educating ourselves in how to identify what is energetic alignment and what is something different. That is to say, what is head, what is emotion, what is truly 💓?

Intuition is not to do with established preferences. It is momentary, a flow which indicates our next best step.

Moment to moment, our energetic alignment asks our attention FIRST. Before we draw conclusions. Get to a good feeling in your inner space - tidy the house so to speak - before selecting the path and potential that serves you now.

🧹🛀🪥#energetichygiene is a vital component in alining ourselves with Ourselves. Clear and wise decision making comes next… in its own sweet time.

Rather than force yourself to identify what is best right now… as best you can aim for ALIGNMENT. Seek guidance with discernment. Proceed from there.

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