Picture a line of people…

One tries a certain strategy to achieve a specified goal. It works. They make this strategy available to another person who wants to achieve a similar goal.

A chain is formed. Each participant passes back to the next a set of instructions. Goals are achieved. Momentum is formed. Each one takes on a copy of the blueprint and adapts it slightly to their own flavour.

But… emphasis on the slightly.

The framework - the chain⛓nature - of this structure collects and caters to goals that tend to homogeneity.

Have you noticed how people start to take on the qualities exhibited by another they are working with?

They start to dress the same

Speak the same

Sell the same

Adopt the same habits

Design their life the same

Relate the same

The are varying degrees of effect. It can be glaringly obvious via social media or it can be more subtle influencing the tone rather than appearance.

It says a lot about our human inclinations that these paths of receiving guidance are so embraced.

For me, it’s a little bit lacking imagination. And that’s no problem, not if you what you want to experience is the attainment of external goals.

Those who are more inclined however to the internal path… those that want to recognise themselves… bring their own unique qualities, soul gifts, pre-incarnated dreams to life… rather than replicate or aspire to what’s already been created by another…

Well, they require a different approach.

First they don’t want a strategy that originated with someone else.

As a starting point they want to come into contact with their OWN TRUTH. Which is not the same starting point as anyone else.

There they find freedom. There they find there is no right or wrong. There they recognise and free themselves from long existing patterns of manipulation.

There, and only there, if you ask me… are they ready to be truly guided.

Leadership for the new times is not coming from the “should’s” the “how to’s” or the “what’s right” ideas.

It’s about “what is right for me?”

It’s about building AWARENESS and achieving the HONESTY to address this long buried question.