you want to experience Yourself

To follow Your path freely

To be in touch with your unique purpose

To serve the world with your qualities

It is not, I’m sorry to say, a path for the faint hearted.

Expanding your light

Deciding not to compromise where it matters

This is not the status quo

Don’t let that deter you

What you are looking for...

What you yearn for most of all...

Can’t be seen.

You might have some ideas about it

3D interpretations

But it’s nothing 3D that you seek

Find someone who can help interpret f l o W

Connect to the essence beneath the surface

Be ready to redirect when it is obstructed

It will be necessary to release illusions you hold of how things “must” or “will” go

Many of these will surprise you

As may their strength...

Prepare to be tested

When you promise Yourself to yourself

And prepare to go all the way