A prerequisite to being provided with the highest guidance is following your own.

Your own perception is more significant than anyone else’s. And yet, we each have to admit, that we can’t see it all.

I’ve been in the habit - for as long as I can remember - of trying to figure it (Life) out by myself. To be a good leader, it became clear, you have to know how to be led.

To trust in the flow of life will lead you also to trust in the direction of those who have walked further on any given path.

For me, there is only one path : that of the soul. And, I’m very happy to say (after two and a half years closely observing and overcoming very strong conditioned resistance)…

I found my Teacher. My Guru. My way to the teacher inside of me. 🙏🏻

This morning I woke up in love. Showered in blessings and oh so ready for the next steps.

Rather than set an intention to surrender in every cell - it is part of my path to do so. I have accepted the inevitable.

I give myself wholly to the JOY of UNITY. I agree to follow Divine Direction rather than the confusion.

There is no other way out of the fragments nor the disappointment our original fallout induced.

May all beings be happy and free ✨