Love and freedom want to meet and interact.

For so long they have not fully permitted one another. For so long we have lived in cycles of merge - share - trigger - separate - defend - attack - repeat. With partners, with friends, with family, with random people online.

Urgh… aren’t you tired of this pattern?

But how do we build a new way?

We have to start with ourselves. The Unity of our being - the acceptance of all parts - trust at the essential layer - nourishment through self responsibility and respect.

New structures await where we can stand our ground without rejection. Where we can feel deeply safe at the core no matter if another we love is shaking.

Unconditionality and releasing co-dependence can be lived lovingly and kindly and at the light level it can be initiated immediately.

HEALING IN RELATIONSHIPS - a new technique for partners, friends, colleagues, relatives... who want to transform the structures between them that create conflict - replacing them with those that support harmony. Now available in a 60 minute session by request. 🙌🏻