I was still very connected as a child… but step by step my connection was renounced…

I used to hear voices emerging from the water that would stream into our bathtub. By age three I remember questioning my sanity as, again, I ran through the house asking who was calling me

I would love certain people I had “never met”

I would touch places on the body that were in need of attention

I would insist to my family that I’d experienced flying around the kitchen (astral travelling is maybe better language) until the laughing convinced me otherwise

I would talk to my friends in the mirror until the shame overtook the soothing

I would describe the sensation and image of a shard of glass in my throat when I went to the doctor each year before the standard checks

This is not a post of regret or blame. It’s an ode to remembering. Piece by piece, there was evidence all along of our existence beyond the explainable, of our abilities, our medicine.

Many deep longings were denied.

Accesses were closed down.

Yet, when you look close enough, sovereignty was present all along…

We chose to forget ourselves. And we had good reason. This lifetime was also, for most, not the first time. But this lifetime makes it very possible for many to reverse the pattern.

Especially in this post I speak to Mothers, caretakers, those inviting children, to those who care for babes, who wish to invite a child forth or equally those supporting the transition of elders onwards…

If you want to support our sense of light-being - explore your soul memories. Be open to the very psychic abilities that children have yet to abandon and that those nearing their exit are regaining contact to.

“Wholeness” implies fullness of connection, unity of our parts. Were you born that way? Or, is it possible, not?

To be whole awaits us all, conscious engagement with this path eases the inevitable process.

REGRESSION is my first recommendation - to experience yourself rather than accept #spiritualmyths as your truths.

Look at your purpose, incarnation plan, soul family, your gifts and qualities, the origin of a challenge or traumatic cycle…

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