“I’m so happy to do the work that I do

I’m so good at it

I know the extent to which I can help people

I know the value I bring and the exchange that supports its delivery

I trust my guidance

I am in awe of my path

I honour my courage, my boldness, my commitment

I give myself with all of my love in service to the Divine.



Prepared for the demands that will be made and the blessings that may be showered.”

Bringing your soul work to life must involve awareness of your purpose - your mission - not as you would design it but to recognise how you have been designed to fulfil it.

Know Yourself. Live Yourself.

This means >>> making your gifts conscious to support you in all the ways you planned that they would.

This means going Your Way, unfolding your path with ever more ease and joy and love.

It’s not the job title.

It’s not the salary figure.

It’s not the location.

It’s a discernment of what was always most obvious so much that you don’t even see it.

And I’m so glad to assist you.