“In ten years everyone will be accessing and reading the Akasha” and to my astonishment my childhood friend, who I was sure must have been rolling her eyes on the other end of the phone replied “I believe it! You were right about gua sha when I attended your workshop years ago and so of all the people I take your word seriously.” (Slightly paraphrased because I’m still so touched by the recognition). I like to be ahead of the crowd... and I kind of always have been.

So what? Learning to access the Akasha and read about past lives or connect with potentials? Astral Travelling... but to where? With what purpose? Channeling sounds fun! But how to decipher or select what exactly comes through? Do we need to protect ourselves or will my intention ensure a level of control?

Spiritual Education, as my German friends so aptly call it, is an interesting field.

There are a lot of instructions out there about developing your #psycicpowers, countless workshops and books about #energywork, trending moments for #visionquesting or #plantmedicinesand a general openness within the field to intuitive and individual ways... and what’s almost never said is that there’s also a lot of imagination wielding in every direction.

All of the cool things we can do... all of the ways we are longing to connect with our power and remember what we are here for... all are naturally enticing.

And yet the point of it all is all too easily overlooked. Two qualities are required: maturity about what is important for us and our flow + discernment to recognise quality and value ahead of selecting our guides.

Not always easy. In a metaphorical room filled to the brim with shiny objects! Always shy around the superficial (despite the aliveness it can depict) I appreciate guidance of the highest order. From the heart, in touch with all but leading without fail towards the goal of Unity.