...can get you into a lot of trouble. If you have found a way to truly and genuinely, as deep as you can access, feel good, access joy and tend to optimism... it’s important to acknowledge you’re in a rather rare position.

Naturally, you want others to join you there. But everyone has their own time. Do not depart from yourself according to ideas you may have of how to “facilitate” their path. Instead, stay where you are and let the warm flames of your being draw those who are ready close and let them volunteer for transformation with conviction.

Honour your position by maintaining it. Place your happiness above all else even as pain, disappointment, challenge or rejection pass your way.

Stabilising the expansion of your light is a ruthless process. We’ve been taught that everything else is more important. It takes a daily practice of deciding the opposite to hold to your path and avoid the pit holes so many would enjoy watching you fall into.

If and when you do fall, may you regain your balance quicker and #staystubborn with greater fervour in future. 💃🏻🌻🔥🙌🏻