Health is not about the resolution of symptoms. Nor is healing a linear path of feeling better and better.

It is a story of recalling all parts. Namely, those invisible, those dismissed, those untouched and neglected for lack of knowing better.

For me, the healing journey started with a wide variety of physical signposts which were followed and continues with the puzzle of intricate connection they are but a whisper of.

To be made of both Heaven and Earth requires not just intention or embodiment practices.

To return yourself to wholeness is a path to be walked… balancing awareness into all times and spaces with presence here and now.

And, barely ever mentioned, it is determined by the dance of co-creation which we contribute to and feed from.

To walk this path alone is impossible. Alone in yourself or refusing to participate - also.

The Divine reign is returning for each and every piece, for each and every one.

It’s calling you away from the surface of things… from the job you don’t like… from the decisions you feel forced to make… from the acceptance of so many burdens. It’s calling you inside, it’s calling you home.