We are one, would you believe?

We are one. And yet we experience pain. We experience misunderstanding. We experience conditions and restrictions in our being on so many levels.

Why? Most will tell you it comes down to individual traumas… wounds that have us protect and defend.

But what if all those wounds come down to our original longing? For togetherness. To remember our origin. With that, to progress with our tasks here and now.

This is no mental reminder “ah yes, we are One, you are me, I am you… let’s just put all conflicts aside and OOOOOMMMM.”

It’s you making contact with all of You. As I make contact with all of me. It’s sharing our honest perspective. It’s honouring variety. It’s trusting in a greater plan. It’s acquiring more full presence unto each and every moment.

Dive into the mainstream story these days and you abandon the threads of feeling which - intricate and permeating - dismantle polarity and guide us all back to our essential colours.

And not just emotional feeling - which is also gaining such traction - feeling of your being, your guidance, your light. For Unity is not just a question of people coming together but Heaven being reconnected to Earth by each of us.

People talk about the “patriarchy” and “capitalism” and race and gender and all kinds of sociological / psychological issues - often in the name of spirituality. But spirit does not make these distinctions.

At the spiritual level you are no victim. You are a creator with each and every choice, thought, utterance.

Right now to retain your autonomy it is useful to recognise the force that wants to dominate and control human experience… And unlock its charms from your system.