There’s such a need for love. Maybe it’s always been that way. Making this post either irrelevant of consistently pertinent…?

Not empathy, not neediness, not expectation.

Unbound, limitless, neutral and abundant… LOVE

Conflict is unavoidable as we each transition in our own stumbling way…

Boundaries have to be drawn in the sand. Shadows have to be acknowledged. Differences have to be tolerated.

There are a lot of concepts to help us manoeuvre through bumpy relating. Emotionality is trendy. So is trauma work. And rightly so.

But the mastery and the potential that awaits us all lies beyond. Love will lead you past such borders. It will set old stories free. It will beat you up until you remember that no, it will not conform to your ideas and no, it does not promise ease or gentleness.

There is such a need for love and it’s miracles. Because real resolution is in each one recovering freedom. In each other the same. Not for the sake of agreement or permission. For the sake of what is true.