The path of the heart does not promise comfort and joy and happily ever after… it does not promise all of your wishes fulfilled and worldly desires met.

So much more…

The path of the heart asks for all of you and gives all of You in return.

One of the questions posed recently as I become less shy to call myself a Spiritual Teacher is what do I teach?

I teach the path to the self >>> to Your origin >>> remembrance of the soul.

Of course there are workshops, and in particular a training called the Path into Light which changed everything for me when I took it in 2018.

I meet a lot of people who say all of the answers can be found within. And I also meet a lot of people whose own perception has been so closed down that the former instruction is almost unreachable.

One of the initiations on this training - that I realise the power of more and more - is the cleansing of the perception level in the brow chakra. Old perception blockages and self denial are dissolved.

I remember this (of so many exercises in just 4 days!) vividly. And know the value of this alone is worth it’s weight in gold.

If you are someone who has asked themselves how to trust what your perceive, how to find more clarity connecting to your inner voice, how to be present with your own spiritual guidance… I cannot recommend this training enough.

New dates just set up - February 11th - 14th 2022 I will assist Orama Seifert in her Ibiza lightcenter that held me when I first participated. If you were waiting for this - tell me. The energy flow will begin when you register. I just booked my flights 🙏🏻✨💓