"Life will never be the same…”

April 2019 >>> I was standing outside a small temple at the top of a hill in Ibiza the first time these words emerged truly from me...

Filled to the brim with awe, so many questions answered and so many more that knew that they could rest, for answers were on their way.

That was two years ago. 4 days of the subtlest “work” marked the single biggest turning point in my life.

The ‘Path into Light’ has been taught to thousands of participants all over the world for the last 20 years. It’s a primary step on a path of Spiritual Education which forms a truly modern mystery school of lightwork and spiritual guidance.

Actually, I don’t recommend this seminar as a curious “dipping your toe in the water” kind of gig. It’s not that you need to have lots of experience or have taken many other courses but you should have a certain seriousness about walking Your way in life.

{ This is a big step, whoever you are and whatever you’ve done already. }

In the months and weeks before attending I could sense a “glittery shining door” that I’d been on the precipice of for some years that was calling me to walk through. I had to overcome some fears just to decide that I would attend… and though I had no idea until afterwards, this event was my ticket. I honestly don’t know how else I would have passed that particular threshold nor progress as far as I have in the space it brought me.

Still, daily, I am supported by what was taught to then. And, as it showed so clearly on that day, I am being prepared to teach it too.

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