I want to touch the truth - the unchangeable - the unexplainable

I have high standards and only the shiniest of pearls are brought to the surface

Nothing less satisfies me anymore

I want to take you to the depths

It’s all I’ve ever wanted

No story of “life gets easier” and “we all live without a challenge forever more”…

Quite the opposite - there’s no more getting away from yourself, not for very long

You will touch levels of love you didn’t know existed.

And, it’s likely, meet almost unbearable heartache. No escaping that one, sorry to say.

You will be guided. And you will guide.

You will find pieces of yourself locked away that you promised to open here and now. The only one cheated by avoidance is you.

This is not a way for the faint hearted.

But if it’s your path, you don’t have a faint heart in the first place. ❤️‍🔥