It means so much to you… this one thing will make all the difference in your world… maybe for the world. It feels destined. It feels necessary. But it hasn’t happened yet…

New Age #manifestation strategies often emphasise getting what you want.

What if, you’re not meant to have what you want? You’re meant to be You and to have what is truly yours.

It’s not just crusty political and financial structures in society that are crumbling right now… also the outdated promise of “spirituality” that you can create ANYTHING.

This approach has opened our sense of potential… but it is ultimately exhausting. Moreover the emphasis on mindset work retains the unhealthy dominance of… MIND which will never resolve the disharmonies that stem precisely from there.

We did not come here to build castles in the sky… to find just the right colour of headphones on sale at the moment with just the right amount of cash in our pockets.

We did not come here to banish fine lines from our face and celulite from our thighs as a demonstration of our psychic powers.

We didn’t come to seek out only a specific kind of person to share our gifts with… there is no ideal client when we embrace the variety and complexity of Life.

Sure, it doesn’t hurt to play in the toy chest of energetic capacities… but the illusions present there are just as threatening to your substance as anything you’ll find in the world of banking or oil drilling.

Still, you WANT something. And it feels deep. Is it even Yours?

Address your #spiritualamnesia for one. And accept that in any given moment you only know as much about yourself as you know… trust the information you have at the time of any given decision.

Second… when we see how many ideas we carry that are NOT ours about who we should be / what we should achieve… the wisest thing to do with a BIG burning desire?

Give it to the 🔥 Wrap it up and place it at the feet of the Divine. Open to the possibility you can know yourself better - that the Unity you are part of, which on some level has not forgotten itself, will serve to remind you especially when you’re brave enough to hand Yourself and your deep desire over.