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*Membership Exclusive*

Members of The Field of Remembering community have exclusive access to Amala's Puzzle Pieces sessions.
Puzzle Pieces - Regression Sessions

What are 'Puzzle Pieces'?

This 1:1 session is Amala's signature regression work which is a journey through the Wheel of Time to collect information that's relevant in your here and now.

Why are they offered to community members?

These sessions present a unique and powerful way to strengthen your personal perception and boost your self-remembering.


Your way of "seeing" is supported by Amala as well as given space and expression in real time. At the end she may provide additional insights or tips to support your integration and promote your confidence in looking beyond the veil.

How does it work?

You may travel back or forward in time, deep into your chakras, to realms that trigger your memories or into contact with specific knowledge you hold.


From curiosities about past lives and karmic connections or relationship dynamics, to symptoms investigation, soul gift identification or into contact with a project that wants to be birthed…


You will retrieve your own answers to your own questions more accurately and precisely than is possible alone. This will serve you practically as your consciousness re-connects. Transformations and new impulses are unavoidable.


No session is ever the same but each one bears valuable fruit. A recording and transcript is provided so that you can extend your contemplation over weeks, months, years.

At the surface

All of the above takes place via zoom within 60 minutes. The fee is currently reduced to €250 per session (usually €330).

Sign up to the community for access and to book.
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