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Success comes from alignment with Nature


Tailored Treatment

with AMALA

Lack of flow is always an invitation to heal, create, transform...
Bring me your biggest block and we will pave the path for you to overcome it and then sustain the results according to the laws of Nature.

Who is it for?

  • You're ready to receive top-tier holistic support for a physical, emotional, relationship or business goal
  • You want to have key blindspots reflected so that you can act upon the necessary transformation
  • You're willing to commit to energetic alignment as a prerequisite for drastic life changes
  • You know Amala's decade of experience in the healing arts and extensive repertoire of tools will fast-track you now
  • You're eager to engage with your body and aura independently to produce success naturally

How does it work?


The first zoom appointment is

arranged via email

You present an intention or goal. Amala performs a reading of the energetic picture so you can better understand what's been blocking you so far. The path is paved. Key steps are identified. You receive your first treatment and homework.


2-4 weeks later

according to requirements

You share what's transpired between call 1 and call 2. An assessment of your potential timeframe to desired becomes visible and you feel prepared to meet the inevitable challenges. You receive your second treatment and more homework.


2-4 weeks later

according to requirements

You have a clear sense of how you will meet your goal (or you already have). You feel capable prepared because you can trust Yourself. Amala provides a final treatment and suggestions for continued integration and sustained progression.


All appointments are hosted online via zoom, lasting up to 80 mins and arranged via email. You are welcome to contact Amala between sessions with any questions.


The fee for 3 sessions is €2200.


Amala is not here to heal you or fulfil your goal. Your decision to be transformed in order for the change you long for to be achieved... is the vital first requirement.

All life topics welcome...

The more you bring to this work, the more it can give you.

Don't hold back!

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