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Launching July 2024:


Deepen into the mystery of You 

The pocket-prompting training space for inner vision on the daily.


For heart-led creators who want to unleash their magic and create in alignment with Nature...

What will it take for you to honour your body’s wisdom, heed divine guidance and commit to regenerate inner-sight on the daily?


In most cases - the answer is:


 Welcome to Wunderand! 

This school + community housed in a private app will help you to train your discipline to >>> go inside.


You'll be supported with regular live meetings, accountability threads and the support of like-hearted company.


This is a home for advanced body and light-level practices that reinforce your own way, unlocking your unique path by providing opportunities for you to interact as only you can with the original substance of Earthly play - the formlessness beneath form.

Join now for access to:

Exclusive entry:


  • A private community - where you can network and connect with Amala and other like-hearted creators

  • Weekly Readings - a recorded memo or meditation to suit the themes read for the group by Amala

  • Puzzle Pieces - monthly sessions to support your awareness of underlying mechanisms at play in the collective and hone your perceptive abilities well as Amala’s signature programmes:


  • The Field of Remembering Vol. 1 and 2 - themed workshops to regenerate inner perception with the support of Divine Mother

  • Reflex Maps: Flow from Within - awareness + tools to support physical issues and assess the interconnection of physical an non-physical blocks

  • (from July) Liberate the Feminine - a 21 day ritual to rebalance creative aspects and nourish under-utilised or over-looked inner gifts

  • (from August) Reflex Bonuses - body reflex maps and ancient physical therapeutic 

  • (from September) Beyond a Cause - reading the body's signs and light levels

  • (from October) 5 Elements Manifestation​ - bring the archaic power of 5 elements knowledge into service of your goals, recognise your composition and nourish your current stage in cosmic cycles.

...and more!



The programmes and sessions included with enrolment to Wunderland total an investment of over €6000 but we're delighted to offer access to ALL of them at the approachable fee of only:


2500 for 12 months


This is a limited time offer.

Subscription includes:

Reflex Maps Online Course

Launched June 2024

Face your biggest block to ignite flow from within

Liberate the Feminine

Launches August 1st 2024

Rebalance your creative forces

Ivory Minimal Quote Instagram Post-5.png

6 x On-Demand Workshop from July 2024

Regenerate inner perception


Launches August 2024

Extend your reflex repertoire


Launches August 2024

Extend your reflex repertoire

Beyond a Cause Course

Launches September 11th 2024

Body Reading

5 elements.png

Launches October 2024

Manifestation in line with Nature's cycles

(Formerly 'Mirror Medicine Masterclass')

TFOR vol 2

6 x Live Workshop launch date TBC

Regenerate inner perception

Puzzle Pieces

6 x monthly session launch date TBC

Expand your awareness of collective topics

weekly reading

Weekly Group Reading memo or meditation

Delivered direct to your device


Intro + daily practice for chakra reading

Learn to read chakras like a book

Power Boost-2.png

A curated collection

To support body, business + general life topics


- private discussion spaces

- spontaneous surprises...

A quick note from Amala...

We face a daily onslaught on our most valuable currency - our attention. We're distracted, enticed, endlessly side-tracked and talked into ideas that steal rather than nourish our inner powers.

My mission is to underlying truth of things… I’ve spent 10 years specialising in holistic bodywork and cutting-edge light level adjustments but also lived to experience how knowledge of Life’s magic and our impressive possibilities... isn’t enough to consistently unleash either.


I've witnessed far too regularly how life can feel so much more challenging to those that are aware of what’s really happening here - and that we often have such a hard time because we are actually equipped to act differently… 


Following years of my own personal struggles, confusion, physical issues and relational chaos… I decided to employ what I know ever more diligently in my daily life.


As Life has improved and “problems” have simplified, my big wish has been to support this process in others to develop faster, smoother improvements with the unbeatable benefit of good company and more FUN along the way!

That’s why I decided to build the Wunderland online school + community.

So that us like-hearted leaders can connect, stay focussed, and work towards ever more integration of our magic in every area of life.

So that the real beauty of Life can remain centre stage without the need for imagination or the perils of fantastical thinking.


If you’re ready to put your most precious resource in service to unlocking Truth on the daily - to support your body, your business and your home life in balance with Nature's flow… this is the perfect place for you.

3 pillars to train

your inner-discipline:


1. Engage with the Body’s Wisdom

2. Access + Heed Divine Guidance

3. Honour Nature’s Laws as you Manifest

Join Now!

Regular Price Breakdown:

Reflex Maps - €550

Liberate the Feminine - €270

TFOR Vol.1 - €450

Body Reflex Maps - €175

Reflex Extras - €175

Beyond a Cause - €440

5 Elements Manifestation - €1200

TFOR Vol.2 - €450

12 x Puzzle Piece Sessions - €720

Soul Storage Reading - €180

Meditation Archive - €220

Community access via the app - €550

Weekly Reading - €1100

Total - €6480

JOIN TODAY FOR - €2500 for the year

Saving you - €3980

Introductory pricing for a limited period!


Once signed up you’ll get an email with onboarding instructions.

If you need a payment plan click here, it’s 250 per month (save 500 with annual).

Deepen into the mystery of You 

A school for bold hearts is born. Thanks to you this is possible!


Please send any questions or special requests to


To join us for an individual programme - subscribe below to receive launch updates...

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