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You left the
paved path to 

but sometimes

you feel as though you face

endless perplexity...


Right now you're ready

to realign to what's Yours feel in flow with Life, confident in your inner guidance and on top of your core mission.


Your deepest longing has brought you here.


You're not alone...

I'll take anything but predictable! 

Countless experiences deterred me from the mainstream including doctors without solutions, early-onset existential crisis and "dream manifestation" gone wrong.

More than anywhere, I've found Truth and security through my body and inner senses which have supported my business success and insatiable hunger for Life's mysteries.


What I wish

more people knew is that:

The physical body is your most reliable truth-testing instrument.

Its signs, sensations, symbology and symptoms anchor your non-physical perception and indicate the reality of your purpose alignment.

When you know how to interpret and interact within your Natural system you're equipped to improve your relationship to Life in all areas.

Work with me

Maybe you're wondering...

Where to begin?

My courses interconnect and lead you deeper step by step...


Liberate the Feminine

This is a 21-day ritual to bring more balance to your creative forces.

By the end you'll be:

  • More in touch with your inner powers and body

  • Primed to take strides in your creative projects

  • In possession of a tool that actually works to treat all kinds of female health issues 

More info soon...


5 Elements Manifestation


Reflex Maps

This course provides a unique framework to bolster flow in all areas of your life Naturally, holistically and developing over time.

Once complete you will:

  • Know how to assess your biggest block according to the body not the mind

  • Be equipped to treat yourself and guide others to employ facial reflex maps

  • Have invited the flow of life to ignite through your cells activating inner powers

This course initiates participants to work with the 5 elements via the face, body and also in creative projects, relationship dynamics and more.

Once complete you will:

  • Understand the Natural Laws pertinent to intentional creation on Earth

  • Be primed to perform constellation work for yourself and with others

  • Know how to align any goal and prepare all the steps for success

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Subscribe to ​access all of Amala's key trainings for one year plus weekly and monthly support and community events.

This options invites you to:

  • Dedicate 12 months to train and develop your inner sight

  • Gain accountability and support as you navigate multiple trainings

  • Benefit from the integrated offerings for a more holistic experience



About me
Amala Black

About me

I've self-healed bodily issues, generated profitable businesses online and found dependable ways to work with my inner knowing in every life area.

Now it's your turn.


I'm honoured to support visionaries + creatives to unravel the mystery of their body/ Being in service to All within the laws of Nature.

Amala Black


Any questions or requests are welcome via

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