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Amala Black

The Path into Light

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TBC September 2023

SW Portugal

Perception level cleansing

The Path into Light is...

A potent remedy

It caters to the longing for what's missing in your life.

It provides answers where you are lost or stuck.

It soothes your dissatisfaction and cynicism.

Delivered over 4 days and unfolding over a lifetime.

A private, deep, otherworldly experience.

It is mystical.

It is magical.
It serves you in your life,
on the ground and every day.
Be cleansed
Get clear
Anchor in your centre

A voyage into the unknown

Emerge with insights which clarify your direction.
Gain tools and meet your inner powers.

The seminar culminates with a reading of each participant's life task from the Akasha instilling an ever deeper sense of knowing who you are and why you came.

Tried and tested

The Path into Light has been taught to thousands of people around the world over the last 20 years.
This is not a trend and not a trip. This is an invitation, a portal...
Leading you to Yourself. Safely, cleanly, soberly, powerfully, sustainably.

Heavy duty

No matter who you are and what you've done before this is a big step and should be approached seriously by those ready to be themselves.

We are living in a time where it is possible to know who You are, to remember your purpose, identify your gifts and to live them fully.

To centre in your inner world is to touch your divinity, is to come fully alive, to be enchanted and also wisened.

In these times we collectively face an active offence which aims to corrupt our inner abilities and greatest powers. It becomes a matter of survival and a matter of urgency to anchor in your Truth by looking for yourself and going beyond the veil.

Now is the time.

The Path into Light is a fastrack for the bold.


Inner perception
Discover your inner world
Amala Black


Amala has been self employed and enjoying an unconventional way of life since she left her native Scotland a decade ago.


She is known for her empowering flavour of leadership and is in her element when guiding participants to better access and trust their innate perception.


As a person who is highly experienced in the realm of energy work, healing techniques, personal development and spirituality, she cherishes this training above the many she has taken and finds each opportunity to teach it a great honour and reminder of Life's intricate beauty.


A calm place to retreat, hideout, connect to the Earth and meet your wildness.


Experience this seminar in SW Portugal on Amala's property. Located close to Odeceixe (a quiet beach town) and hosted inside a luxury yurt.

Perception Training Portugal
The Path into Light

4 full days: 10am - 1pm and 3pm - 6pm

Each day entails a full schedule of meditation, initiations, regressions, energy healing, Akasha visits, chakra, aura, partner and group work as well as very personal explorations of your deepest core by yourself.

Morning and evening breaks include abundant healthy snacks.

Transport and accomodation is managed privately by participants (email us for recommendations).


Foot washing

"Is it for me?"

"Is it for me?" You ask, "and why?"


Yes. When you are touched in your heart.


This is the only answer, this is the only reason.


Investment: €3600

Return: accesses and initiations to last a lifetime.


Ask about the possibility of a reduction if you want to make up the fee with voluntary hours in your community.

For more information or special requests email:


It is possible to arrange a video

call to get to know Amala

if you don't already.

Life task reading from the Akasha
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