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Path into Light


5TH - 8TH MAY 2024

the path into light

A potent remedy

What's missing in your life?

Where you are lost or stuck?

​Path into Light will serve you there.

Delivered over 4 days and unfolding over a lifetime.

Be cleansed
Get clear
Anchor in your centre

reignite your fire

There are few ways to fast-track and regenerate your inner perception... and no way quite like this one-of-a-kind seminar.

Delivered to thousands of people around the world for over 20 years, ​the Path into Light is a well polished gem of excellence and unbeatable standard created by Agni Eickermann.

Come to receive top-tier spiritual education, for a "real" retreat with yourself, as a cleansing and focusing appointment and to deepen your contact with Yourself.


Partner and

group work...



In a myriad of ways over several years, Amala has been investigating the wellness industry, spiritual teachings and occult knowledge...

Her work in the realm of vibrational therapies unlocked her perceptive abilities but the Path into Light took them to unfathomable heights.


She has never looked back.

Known for her love of self-empowering tools, she presents this most cherished 4 day seminar packed with techniques and accesses so that participants may better access, trust and more thoroughly integrate their innate perception.


Amala's private land in SW Portugal. 

This seminar is an opportunity to go offline. The location is off-grid, atop a rugged charged mountain just minutes from the Atlantic Ocean. 

Enjoy multiple clean beaches, surfing, hiking and local cuisine nearby.



4 full days: 10am - 1pm and 3pm - 6pm

Sunday 5th - Wednesday 8th May 2024

Each day entails a rigorous schedule of meditation, initiations, regressions, energy healing, Akashic reading, chakra, aura, partner and group work as well as very personal explorations of your deepest core by yourself.

Daily breaks include abundant healthy snacks. A light lunch is also available on site or bring your own packed meal.

Transport and accommodation is arranged privately by participants.


"Is it for me?"

"Is it for me?" You ask, "and why?"


Yes. When you are touched in your heart.


This is the only answer, this is the only reason.


Investment: €3600 (€1800 when you repeat)


Ask about the possibility of a reduction if you are in need and can make up the fee with voluntary hours in your community.

To arrange a payment plan or to meet Amala for a Q+A via Zoom email 

Life task reading from the Akasha
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Request to host the Path into Light

Tell us where you live and how many you are. Amala will travel for min. 4 participants.

Thanks for registering your interest!

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